CCF Family Portrait Project



About the project

LITO KIDS is a photography project supported by Children's Cancer Foundation Singapore that aims to capture beautiful moments of current CCF beneficiaries and survivors with their families through regular free photography sessions.

The project's mission is two-fold: 
1. To help create wonderful, cherished memories for the entire family through photography; 
2. To use the images to raise further awareness of childhood cancer by using photography to express the hope, strength and beauty of each CCF beneficiary and survivor.

Each photoshoot will also come with a short writeup and interview with the family to help viewers connect with each family's story of struggle and triumphs, therefore building further awareness and a strong sense of community.

Each family will be given a free and beautifully bound photo album of high quality prints from their photo session.


"photography remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything."


When: Every last Sunday of the month
Duration: 1-2 hours in the morning or late afternoon (to be kept as short as possible, but still with enough time to capture the warm moments between the beneficiary/survivor with his/her family)
Location: Depending on the condition of the child, it can be indoors or outdoors, at a studio or at a location of the family's choice
Photographer: To open a call for volunteer photographers who can shoot on rotation, ensuring that the session happens for sure every last Sunday of the month. Photographers must be strictly vetted (for their skills, years of experience, as well as their intentions), before they can be allowed to be a part of this programme
Free photo album: This will be sponsored by donors (they can do this online via the website)
Each session includes: 20-30 digital images, with a free bound photo album with a selection of prints chosen by the family

On the Web

To raise awareness and create a strong community around this project, I'd like to suggest creating a website to hold all these stories.

With the permission of the family, every portrait session - together with the writeup and interview - will be uploaded on the website, where it can then be viewed by more people.

I have found a web partner who can help to do this.


We are looking for the following:

We are looking for photographers who are interested in volunteering their skills. Volunteer photographers must submit their portrait imagery portfolio and go through an interview before they are selected. Vetting is strict because we are looking for photographers who are not only experienced but... To sign up, please fill up the form here.

Looking for writers to interview the families and write.

Hair/makeup artistes

Project assistants

Example images of portrait session