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B&W Japan

When you shoot in black and white, you see the world slightly differently.

Sometimes it feels almost nostalgic, like you are connected to something older than yourself.

In a way, you become a part of tradition and become less alone.

These photos were shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2. Even though I love the ACROS B&W film simulation on the X-Pro2, these were shot raw and then processed into B&W myself on Lightroom.

Why not use the ACROS simulation? I couldn't explain myself even if I wanted to. That's the mysterious thing about photography and about creativity in general. Sometimes you can't explain yourself. Sometimes you simply want your art piece or your photograph to look a certain way. It all comes straight from the heart. Some people call it intuition. Way back in history, when people knew lesser of science and other practical things, they might have thought that these ideas and intuitions came directly from their Gods.

And they might not have been wrong.