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Like something wonderful is on the verge of happening


You dying has nearly cured me of the fear of death.

If I can get through your death - which has indeed happened, and you are now indeed irretrievably gone - then maybe I can get through almost anything else.

Death is more familiar now and less intimidating.

I cry into my pillow at night sometimes, thinking of your beautiful delicate broken body. But the strange thing is that I am not just consumed with an endless sorrow but also the sure knowledge that you are now happily back with the original source, where you have become all things - a butterfly, a wave on the ocean, the gentle breeze on a summer night, the flutter of a bird’s wings.

There is an uncrossable distance between us now, so much more than ever before. But I know one day I will see you again, that time in the future when I pass over to that unspeakable realm where I too can be all things.

And then we can be all things together, forever.

Rebecca TohComment