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Tell the truest story you know

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I think William Zinnser was the one who said to aspiring writers, “Begin by writing the truest sentence you know.” The same can be said to aspiring photographers, “Begin by taking the truest photograph you know.” So that can mean taking a photo of something mundane in your life that you wouldn’t normally care to think about. This alone can break the inertia of someone who thinks she has no story to tell, and who thus doesn’t begin. Your story, no matter how boring, how ordinary, is not boring or ordinary to me if it is true. And it can’t be boring to me - the audience, the viewer - since I haven’t lived your life. So as photographers - artists - one way to break through our creative blocks is to tell the truest story we know. There is nothing sadder than hypocrisy, than going about telling stories about things we don’t care about.

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